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Circle Fitness 6 Series Product Line

The exclusive Circle Fitness line of products are designed for hotels, resorts, multi-family housing, corporations, police and fire departments, schools, health clubs and of course homes. The product line is extremely durable and easy to use.

Center Fitness M6 Treadmill

M6 Treadmill Features

  • Adjustable Fan
  • HR Training Zone
  • Large Running Surface
Center Fitness E6 Elliptical Machine

E6 Elliptical Machine Features

  • Comfortable Stride
  • Shift Lever
  • HR Training Zone
Center Fitness B6 Upright Bike

B6 Upright Bike Features

  • Shift Lever
  • Handle Bar
  • HR Training Zone
Center Fitness R6 Recumbent Bike

R6 Recumbent Bike Features

  • Walkthrough Design
  • Shift Lever
  • HR Training Zone

Sp6 Indoor Cycle Features

  • Woolen Felt Brake System
  • Easy Adjustable Resistance Control
  • Easy Adjustable Handlebar
  • Easy Adjustable Seat
  • Poly-v Belt & Smooth Fly-wheel Setting